I see blue colour when I meditate


First of all I want to mention I have aphantasia – I have a complete lack of ability to visualize stuff. When I close my eyes – complete darkness.

However for some time already I've notice that when I'm meditating after some time the darkness I normally see when I close my eyes turn…dark blue / maybe purplish, it's hard to describe that colour for me. There are some dark shapeless forms floating that whenever I try to focus on just float out of my sight.

I try to ignore it as this takes the focus out of meditation and is simply distracting but I keep thinking what it is.

Is it my mind trying to compensate for being depraved of some sences when I sit calm and meditate? This only happens to me during meditation – when I'm in bed in the evening with closed eyes there is just the usual nothing. Did anybody came across something similar? Thanks in advance for any responses!


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